30 years of experience with spring production and products from spring wire

Our products and services

In order to reach a high level of quality the large majority of our products are produced by CNC 3D forming machines.

Spring wire products

A major part of our portfolio consists of spring production. In terms of types, we can produce compression springs, extension, torsion springs and atypical springs of various shapes and sizes, with a diameter from 0.2 mm to 8.0 mm.

Spring tape products

Our company is also involved in the production of spring tape, which we offer with a diameter from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm with subsequent hardening and tempering.

Surface finishing and heat treatment of springs

We offer complex solutions to our customers in the area of surface finishing and heat treatments, from heat tempering, galvanization, chrome plating, varnishing and phosphate conversion coating.

Progressive modern technologies

In our company we uphold a philosophy of constant technological development. Its goal is to bring higher quality and new products to customers. For this reason, our investments are primarily directed to the technological development of the company.

Our company

Correct identification of requirements, an individual and professional approach and our customers' satisfaction are crucial for us.

Complete solution in accordance with your requirements

Our company has been on the market for more than 30 years. We are a modern, dynamically developing company that combines traditions with modern technologies and desire to continuously make progress and self-improve. The backbone of our portfolio consists of the production and sale of springs and products made of spring wire and spring tape. We provide our customers with springs according to our own drawing documentation, but at the same time provide complex consulting on the design of the optimal shape and features of the future product. Our products have been used in various industries. Our customers are globally operating companies, mainly in the automotive, aerospace and electrical industries. The crucial association is our long-term cooperation with companies such as: Siemens AG, Bosch GmbH.

Our customers

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